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Annual Regulations for virtual RMM 2021- revisited [click to download]

  1. Because of the medical situation in the world, these annual regulations will apply only to the virtual RMM 2021. In future years, we will provide adapted annual regulations.

  2. The Host Organizations for RMM 2021 are the Romanian Mathematical Society and the “Tudor Vianu” High School of Computer Science, Bucharest. Participation is only by invitation of the organizers.

  3. A delegation of a participating country at the RMM 2021 consists of four to six Contestants, a Leader, a Deputy Leader and Observers jointly called Participants.

  4. For each country the participation fee is 300 euros and for each supplementary Participant (more than the six students, the Leader and the Deputy), the fee is 100 euros which must be paid by bank transfer.

  5. Participation must be confirmed or reconfirmed online on the official site no later than the 25th of September 2021.

  6. Registration of Leaders, Deputy Leaders, Observers and Contestants must be completed online at the official site no later than October 1st 2021.

  7. The exam must take place in one (or exceptionally at most two) national RMM Exam Centers, approved by the Romanian organizers. Any expenses associated with hiring facilities are the responsibility of participating countries, who must also take all measures for ensuring that an Exam Centre is a suitable and safe environment, with all appropriate facilities that are expected at a normal RMM, as well as video surveillance. In very exceptional cases, well-motivated, the organizers may approve more than two exam centers. All must satisfy these regulations.

  8. The Contest days for RMM 2021 will be October 12th and October 13th.

  9. All Contestants must have been born on or after May 30th 2001 and cannot be enrolled in any full-time university before September 2021.

  10. There will be an online Opening Ceremony on October 11th 2021.

  11. The Contest problems will be selected by the Problem Selection Committee. There will be no Jury meeting for approving the Exam Papers nor the Marking Schemes.

  12. The contest problems will not be released until shortly (three hours) before the sitting of the exam, for translation, where necessary. Leaders will send their translations in national languages to the Problem Selection Committee one hour before the exam starts. The Leader will provide each contestant with a copy of the paper in English and a copy of the translation in their national language (if needed) at the start of the exam. It the responsibility of the Leader to provide an exact, correct and complete translation of paper. Solutions and marking schemes will be released to the Leaders after the last student has finished the paper and its scanned paper was sent to the organizers. After the exam, each leader is responsible to send scans of the scripts to the Organizers in a period not more than one hour from the finishing time of the paper. Leaders do not have to provide the translations of their students exam papers into English, unless asked by the Coordinators. But, in order to have a smooth coordination, students can be encouraged to write their paper in English. The Leader is responsible that nobody, except the Participants, will have access to the papers before the end of the official contest period.

  13. RMM exams should take place in a sufficiently large room or hall to facilitate social distancing (to the extent required by local authorities and the state of the pandemic). Desks should be widely spaced. It is compulsory that Leaders arrange to use webcams to provide the IT-Coordinator a live feed of pictures of examinations taking place.

  14. Each competition day the exam starts at UTC 10.00 AM for European and Asian countries and at UTC 2 PM for countries in the Americas, finishing 4 hours 30 minutes later.

  15. Contestants are allowed to ask written questions in the first half hour of the Contest. Questions do not need to be considered by the Jury. The Leader may give a written answer to a question. If there is an unexpected question, leaders must contact the Chairman of the Problem Selection Committee by video conference, before providing a written answer to a student. Records of all questions and answers must be supplied to the Organizers.

  16. Coordination will start on Monday 14th , UTC 9.00 AM after each Leader has registered (on the RMM web site) his proposals for the marks. Leaders may be asked (randomly or if Coordinators consider it necessary) to justify how proposed marks awarded correspond to the given Marking Schemes. The coordination will be using the Google Meet platform with link to be provided.

  17. The boundaries for the medals and other awards will be decided by using exactly the same protocols as in normal RMM.

  18. Certificates will be sent by email and the medals will be sent to the Leaders by the regular mail.

  19. The official site of RMM 2021 is and the RMM 2021 e-mail is

  20. Any of the preceding items of the Annual Regulations can be modified by the Organizers. In that case each modification has to be communicated to the leaders immediately.