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RMM 2024

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General Information

Invited countries:

French Republic

Team leader: Martin Rakovsky
Email: martin.rakovsky(AT)


Team leader: Dániel Lenger
Email: leda1648(AT)

Islamic Republic of Iran

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Italian Republic

Team leader: Massimo Gobbino
Email: massimo.gobbino(AT)

Nordic Team

Team leader: Andreas Alberg
Email: andreas.alberg.oslo(AT)

People's Republic of China

Team leader: Li Hansong
Email: songsong2323(AT)

Republic of Bulgaria

Team leader: Stanislav Harizanov
Email: sharizanov(AT)

Republic of Serbia

Team leader: Miljan Knežević
Email: kmiljan(AT)

State of Israel

Team leader: Dan Carmon
Email: dancarmoz(AT)


Team leader: Nhok Tkhai Shon Ngo
Email: ngo.ngocthaison(AT)

United Kingdom

Team leader: Dominic Yeo
Email: dominic.yeo(AT)

United States of America

Team leader: Ren Michael
Email: amchq(AT)